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The State of Midlife Fulfilled 2022 Report

By Bernie Borges

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I was not totally fulfilled in my midlife and I had a hunch I was not alone. I surveyed my LinkedIn network and received 267 responses. My survey asked seven questions. What I discovered in the responses confirmed my hunch. 

I was right...I was not totally alone in my lack of total fulfillment in my then-current midlife season. I shared a summary of the survey results on episode two of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. 

Many listeners asked me to share these results in a report format they could download.

Here it is in The State of Midlife Fulfilled 2022 Report!   

Three reasons to download this report.

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Reason 1

Discover how fulfilled your midlife peers are ranging from "totally," somewhat" and "not fulfilled." 

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Reason 2

Discover the top 5 areas of fulfillment that your midlife peers want to improve in rank order.

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Reason 3

Get three practical take-away tips you can use to improve fulfillment in your current midlife season. 

Discover how you compare to other midlifers in fulfillment. 

About Bernie Borges

Looking back, my first midlife season was in my 30s, even though I didn't know it at the time. Now I realize that we spend most of our life in midlife seasons. 


I've been married to Jean for 35 years. We have two adult children. My career spans more than 30 years in B2B sales (10 years) and B2B marketing (20+ years). 


My life's journey is filled with twists and turns. I've experienced seasons where I was fulfilled in one area of my life and not fulfilled in another area. I realized that I'm not alone.


I want my midlife peers to be self aware of their own midlife fulfillment opportunities and how to take action to improve fulfillment.